Big Bar Caper
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Episode Big Bar Caper
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Big Bar Caper is the sixty-third episode of Mister T: The Animated Series. It is inspired by Cheers and guest stars Ted Danson.

Premise Edit

When Mr. T and the team notice something suspicious about a local bar in Boston, MA, they investigate with help from Ted Danson. What is going on in there?

Plot Edit

At the summer camp, Mr. T notices a kid brushing off an act of bullying he witnessed. Mr. T points out that such things should not be brushed off. This was something the team learned when solving the Big Bar Caper.

Mr. T and the team are in Boston for a meet when a robbery occurs at the hotel. They chase the crooks and notice that they are heading inside a local bar. Suspicious, Mr. T decides to investigate. Mr. T questions the bouncer, William Sandoval, who is uncooperative. The team does not think anything of what has happened, suspecting that the robbers were just making a mistake. At the meet, Mr. T is greeted by Ted Danson who admits to having witnessed something fishy at the bar a few days before. Both the owner, Jacob Tillman, and the manager, John Kaplan, are questioned but are also uncooperative. Robin and Kim discover the stolen money in the back room of the bar. Jeff and Woody discover that the bar is a front for organized crime. The team with help from Ted Danson capture the Tillman, Kaplan, and Sandoval.

The team thought the robbers heading to the bar was just a case of some idiots making a mistake. But they did not realize that it was a front for organized crime. Mr. T notes that this is something that can happen in any situation, and it should not.

Cast and Characters Edit

Actor Character
Mr. T Himself
Tia Carrere Priscilla Bisby
Grey DeLisle Robin O'Neill
Frank Welker Jeff Harris
Brenda Song Kim Nakamura
Corbin Bleu Woody Daniels
Reese Hartwig Spike O'Neill
Ted Danson Himself
Woody Harrelson Jacob Tillman
Austin St. John John Kaplan
David Yost William Sandoval

Suspects Edit

Suspect Motive
Jacob Tillman He is the owner of the bar.
John Kaplan He manages the bar for Mr. Tillman.
William Sandoval He is a bouncer who works at the bar.

Culprits Edit

Culprit Motive
Jacob Tillman, John Kaplan, and William Sandoval The bar was a front for organized crime.

Songs Edit

Song Credits Performed by
Fixing a Hole Lennon-McCartney The Beatles

Location Edit

  • Boston, MA

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was one of a handful of episodes of Mister T: The Animated Series that generated controversy for its content.