Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Eyes Black
Occupation Amateur Sleuth
Affiliation The Ghost Goggles
Family Unknown
Production details
Played by Jeff Bennett

Geo is a ghost detective who solves all kinds of mysteries all over the world with his friends.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Geo resembles a typical ghost, he is a white sheet that can easily fly and he is always hovering slightly. He has black eyes and is good at changing his shape so nobody sees him.


Geo uses his abilities and they always prove to be useful such as being a key to unlock the door. He can also turn invisible, walk through walls, and become non-living objects.


Geo is kind and has a liking for vanilla ice cream. He likes Samuel, Jennifer, and Martin; however whenever Martin's last name is said he thinks there is a mango for him to eat.


  • Samuel Burn
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Martin Mango