Almost every episode of Hanna-Barbera's Works began with a 90-second gag short following one of six different formulas, with a second short of the same length appearing before the second "regular-sized" short in some episodes. All of these gag shorts (and a few new ones) would later be re-aired as part of Hanna-Barbera's Superstars Show episodes after Hanna-Barbera's Works was cancelled.

List of segmentsEdit

Yogi to the RescueEdit


Yogi to the Rescue was based on the "damsel in distress" formula that predated Yogi's creation. Each Yogi to the Rescue segment featured Yogi tries to rescue Cindy from Dick Dastardly and Muttley's trap-laden hideout.

Picture Title Hanna-Barbera's Works episode Hanna-Barbera's Superstars Show episode Synopsis
200px Train Tracks Episode 1
Episode 21
"Everybody Loves Penelope Pitstop" Yogi arrives at Dick Dastardly and Muttley's hideout to find Cindy tied to railroad tracks with a train approaching and Pete at the controls!
200px Staircase Episode 8
Episode 14
"Snagglepuss's Valentine Date" Yogi must battle a contraption-filled staircase to rescue Cindy from Dick Dastardly and Muttley's hideout.
200px Cage and Cannons Episode 11 "Captain Kiddie and Squawk" When Dick Dastardly and Muttley kidnaps Cindy and whisks her off to his funhouse-like hideout, Yogi must cross a cartoony bridge and dodge Dick Dastardly and Muttley's boxing-glove cannons to rescue her from a cage suspended high above the ground.

Maestro SnagglepussEdit


Maestro Snagglepuss was a series of musical gags with no dialogue, casting Snagglepuss as the conductor of an orchestra full of rebellious instruments. Each segment had Snagglepuss conducting a famous orchestral piece of music, shortened to fit the running time of the gag. Template:-

Picture Title Hanna-Barbera's Works episode Hanna-Barbera's Superstars Show episode Synopsis
200px William Tell Orchestra Episode 1 "Ladies' Night" Snagglepuss goes on a wild west chase to rein in a rampaging trumpet.
200px Hungarian Rhapsody #6 Episode 5
Episode 21
"Muttley for a Day" Snagglepuss's set on playing a classical piece ... while the instruments are set on something with a slightly different tempo.
200px Flight of the Bumblebee Episode 13 "The Pitstop Who Came to Dinner" Snagglepuss must tame a buzzing bumblebee that is disrupting her symphony.
200px Brahm's Lullabye Episode 18 "Penelope Pitstop and the Culture Clash" When Snagglepuss conducts an orchestra-come-to-life, she keeps dozing off during her favorite lullaby. Fortunately, the instruments take over and wake her up!
200px Circus Symphony N/A "Rent Day" Snagglepuss must round up her instruments, who are performing like a group of circus animals.

Penelope Pitstop's Arcobat CircusEdit

File:Penelope Pitstop's Arcobat Circus.jpg

Penelope Pitstop's Arcobat Circus was a spin-off of the Penelope Pitstop cartoons where he demonstrates different kinds of Circus. In this case, as the title implies, Penelope Pitstop is performing different kinds of Arcobat Circus (with narration by Corey Burton, replicating the narration of the earlier "how to" cartoons), with disastrous results. Template:-

Picture Title Hanna-Barbera's Works episode Hanna-Barbera's Superstars Show episode Synopsis
200px Skating the Half Pipe Episode 2
Episode 17
"Music Day" Penelope Pitstop demonstrates the beautiful, yet dangerous, sport of stunt rollerblading, but once he gets rolling, he has trouble putting on the brakes.
200px Paracycling Episode 4 "King Larry Swings In" Penelope Pitstop defies the laws of physics and common sense when he bicycles off a cliff and ungracefully parachutes to the ground.
200px Rock Climbing Episode 9 "Barn Dance Woman" Penelope Pitstop grapples with equipment, balance, and an annoying announcer as he scales to new peaks and plunges.
200px Wakeboarding Episode 11 "Not So Yogi" Penelope Pitstop takes to the water to master the art of wakeboarding, but his attempts at difficult stunts leave him high and dry.
200px Shark Feeding Episode 23 "Gone The Gruesome Twosome" Penelope Pitstop dons scuba gear and an anti-shark cage to go underwater and feed the sharks.

Tom and Jerry's DynamiteEdit


Tom and Jerry's Dynamite shorts open with Tom and Jerry in the middle of a pleasant activity, only to have it interrupted by the appearance of a bomb. Each time, Tom and Jerry tries to defuse or get rid of the bomb before it explodes. When the bomb explodes, it always results in good things happening to Tom and Jerry, only to be nullified by something bad, causing Tom and Jerry to mutter, "Aw, nuts," in peevish defeat.

Picture Title Hanna-Barbera's Works episode Hanna-Barbera's Superstars Show episode Synopsis
200px Bowling Episode 3 "House of Magic" Tom and Jerry is enjoying a relaxing day at the bowling alley until his ball turns out to be a bomb! When he tries to defuse it, the pins really begin to fly.
200px Opera Box Episode 6 "The Hooded Claw's House of Villains" Tom and Jerry are enjoying a relaxing night at the opera when Tom and Jerry's purse and pulls out a bomb! Now he must defuse it without Tom and Jerry noticing.
200px Fishing Episode 7 "Penelope Pitstop's Big Vacation" Tom and Jerry is enjoying a relaxing day of fishing when he reels in a bomb! He tries to throw it back, but a cunning frog is determined to stop him.
200px Snowman Episode 18 "Snow Day" Tom and Jerry has a nice winter outing building a snowman until he discovers that his snowman's head is actually a bomb.
200px Magic Act Episode 20 "The Stolen Cartoons" Tom and Jerry tries to perform a magic act on stage but is continually interrupted by a reappearing bomb.

Snooper and Blabber's House of GeniusEdit

File:Snooper and Blabber's House of Genius.jpg

Snooper and Blabber's House of Genius shorts are much like the regular Snooper and Blabber shorts featured on the show, but much shorter. Each one has Snooper and Blabber introducing his new inventions, which then go awry.

Picture Title Hanna-Barbera's Works episode Hanna-Barbera's Superstars Show episode Synopsis
200px Time Reverser Episode 3 "The Hooded Claw's One-Man Show" Zany Snooper and Blabber introduces his new invention - a time machine! But when he depends on his greatest creation to get him out of trouble, Snooper and Blabber's time quickly runs out.
200px Remote Controlled Laser Lawn Mower Episode 6 "Dining The Gruesome Twosome" When Snooper and Blabber latest invention rages out of control, Snooper and Blabber may be the one who ends up with a trim.
200px Money Increaser Episode 7 "House of Flintstone" Snooper and Blabber believes his new invention - a Money Increaser Machine - will save people from poverty, but it ends up getting him thrown in jail for counterfeiting!
200px Teledinger Episode 13 "House of Crime" Snooper and Blabber's new invention has a certain ring to it - a Teledinger. Unfortunately, he discovers the invention is already in use ... and commonly known as the telephone.

Scooby-Doo Gets the PaperEdit

File:Scooby-Doo Gets the Paper.jpg

Scooby-Doo Gets the Paper has Scooby-Doo tasked to fetch the newspaper by Shaggy Rogers, and having to go through various obstacles in the process. Despite these intereferences, Scooby-Doo completes the task well at the end. Like the Scooby-Doo cartoons, these shorts entirely rely on physical humor.

Picture Title Hanna-Barbera's Works episode Hanna-Barbera's Superstars Show episode Synopsis
200px Spaceship Episode 4 "House Ghosts" Shaggy Rogers sends Scooby-Doo out to fetch the newspaper, this time only to be taken aboard an alien spacecraft.
200px Street Cleaner Episode 10 "Muttley vs. Azreal" Scooby-Doo gets sucked up into the bowels of an oncoming street sweeper in his endless quest to fetch Shaggy Rogers's newspaper.
200px Bubble Gum Episode 12 "Top Cat's Menu Magic" Shaggy Rogers sends Scooby-Doo out to fetch the newspaper, who has to fight with a discarded piece of bubble gum to retrieve it.
200px Vending Machine Episode 15
Episode 28
N/A Instead of picking the paper up from the ground, Scooby-Doo has to balance a quarter and wrestle with a newspaper vending machine.
200px Pristine Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand Episode 24 "Hokey Wolf Daddy" Pristine Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand from Tom and Jerry: The Movie shows up to try to steal Shaggy Rogers's paper when Scooby-Doo is sent out to retrieve it.
200px Wet Cement N/A "The Stolen Cartoons"

Scooby-Doo gets mired in wet cement while attempting to get the newspaper for Shaggy Rogers.

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