Mystery of the Drugged Gymnastics Team
Mister T: The Animated Series
Episode Mystery of the Drugged Gymnastics Team
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Mystery of the Drugged Gymnastics Team is the fourteenth episode of Mister T: The Animated Series. It is inspired by The Twilight Zone.

Premise Edit

The team find themselves become the mystery when the food they are served at a restaurant causes them to go high. It turns out someone has put marijuana into the recipes. The team's investigation leads to a secret drug syndicate. Can the team stop the syndicate before it makes more people sick?

Plot Edit

Mr. T teaches a class about how drugs can cause trouble. He explains how this happened to the team in the Mystery of the Drugged Gymnastics Team.

After a successful meet in Denver, CO, Mr. T and the team go to a nice restaurant. While they eat, everyone suddenly gets high. The police determine that the cause was their food being laced with marijuana. They question Collin Hanson and Jim Farrington, the owners of the restaurant. The questioning gets nowhere. Woody uncovers that Jim Farrington is under investigation from the FBI. Investigating further, the team discovers that the restaurant is a front for a drug cartel. Mr. T and the team arrest Farrington and Hanson.

Mr. T explains that drugs can be bad for the brain. So be careful.

Cast and Characters Edit

Actor Character
Mr. T Himself
Tia Carrere Priscilla Bisby
Grey DeLisle Robin O'Neill
Frank Welker Jeff Harris
Brenda Song Kim Nakamura
Corbin Bleu Woody Daniels
Reese Hartwig Spike O'Neill
David Yost Jim Farrington
Chris Noth Collin Hanson

Suspects Edit

Suspect Motive
Collin Hanson He was acting suspicious.
Jim Farrington He is under FBI investigation.

Culprits Edit

Culprit Motive
Jim Farrington and Collin Hanson The restaurant was a front for a drug syndicate.

Songs Edit

Song Credits Performed by
This Is Halloween Danny Elfman Cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas

Location Edit

  • Denver, CO

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was one of a handful of episodes of Mister T: The Animated Series that generated controversy for its content.