The Spooky Six are a mystery solving gang with the mascot Tweeney-Tiger.



Tweeney-Tiger is a tiger and the mascot of The Spooky Six.

Rad DavidsonEdit

Rad Davidson is a fifteen year-old boy who owns Tweeney-Tiger and Bibby-Rabbit.


Bibby-Rabbit is a rabbit and best-friend of Tweeney-Tiger.

Stef CraigEdit

Stef Craig is a fifteen year-old girl who loves fashion. She is also girlfriend to Andy Anderson.

Andy AndersonEdit

Andy Anderson is a sixteen year-old boy who has a huge six-pack. He is also boyfriend to Stef Craig and owner of Dylan the Dog.

Dylan the DogEdit

Dylan the Dog is a Dalmatian and pet dog of Andy Anderson.

Main VehiclesEdit


  • This is a fan-made gang.